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Top 10 Things to do in Whitby

With a good mix of outdoor and indoor attractions, not to mention the mouth-watering food, Whitby will spoil you. Whether you are looking for a wonderful time with your family or a romantic outing with your significant other, this picturesque town has plenty to offer. Here we list some of the must-do activities, though in no particular order, while you are in this part of the world.
  1. The Whitby Museum and the Pannett Art Gallery

    The museum is run by the Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society and is a paradise for history buffs. With artifacts referring to archaeology and history in the forms of fossils, paintings, ceramics, photographs etc, this museum is a veritable treasure trove. The Pannett Art Gallery has a permanent display of some of the 20th century’s impressionist painters and art lovers can spend hours here.
  1. Whitby Abbey

    This medieval abbey, which is a ruin now is said to have inspired Bram Stoker for his famous creation ‘Dracula’. The 199 steps that lead to the ruins can be a great trek and the view from the top is spectacular. The Abbey is a memorable sight, especially against the setting sun.
  1. Whitby Harbour

    Equally popular amongst the tourists and the locals, the Whitby Harbour is lined with cafes, restaurants and curio shops all along the bay. The beach side as well as the old town side is bustling with people, especially during the weekend and the sight includes various shipping vessels from fishing trawlers to modern yachts bobbing on water.
  1. Whitby Beach

    The beach offers a stunning coastal view of the North Yorkshire coastline and is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends. There are trails leading from the beach to some other local attractions or one can choose a bracing walk along the water as a refreshing alternative.
  1. White Horse and Griffin Hotel

    One of the favourite haunts of Captain Cook and his associate William Scoresby in the olden days, The White Horse and Griffin is steeped in history. If you are lucky enough to get a booking to stay in this hotel, you will enjoy modern comforts in period setting. Functional since the late 1600s, this hotel has hosted various historical figures, including royalty, over the years.
  1. Captain Cook Memorial Museum

    The museum is housed in the building where Captain Cook worked as an apprentice and learnt the art of seafaring that would eventually make him legendary. Visitors can see Cook’s letters as well as some other personal items on display here.
  1. White House and Griffin Restaurant

    Even if you are not staying at the white House and Griffin Hotel, its restaurant should be on your must-visit list. This restaurant is famous for its traditional fare. With classic dishes created using special local ingredients, the weekend menu is an ideal choice for those long drawn brunches.
  1. North York Moors National Park

    Though not within the town limits of Whitby, this national park is nevertheless an attractive locale. The park contains geological rocks of the Jurassic era and has acres of pasture as well as grass lands – a location that will appeal to kids and adults alike.
  1. Whitby Dracula Society Walk

    As the name suggests, this attraction draws heavily from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Walking tours for the fans of the vampire drama as well as the general public can be quite informative here.
  1. Museum of Victorian Science

    Lovingly put together to showcase the scientific instruments used during the Victorian times, this museum is an ode to the scientific discovery in the days gone by. A must-see, if only to attend the informative lectures given by a very enthusiastic guide.

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